The human need to belong [to a team or political group for example] is hard-wired into us and requires self-awareness to recognize…otherwise we outsource our independent thought and views to those of our team. This is true both on the left and the right side of the aisle.

Coupled with…

The cognitive triangle represents how these in generate and reinforce each other by pattern

Originally published in Midlfe-Awakening.

The Page Turns and Emotions Suck

Emotions don’t actually suck, but they can feel good and can feel bad. Feelings are helpful in a few ways. First, emotions such as anger or frustration can fuel us to focus our energy and effort on something specific that we want to change and help…

You always have at least one choice in any situation you find yourself in, and that is: How will you respond to it?

How you respond will depend on which of these beliefs you hold:

1) Do you believe you are a helpless victim of fate, or

2) Do you…

Your entire life is a reflection of how you think. You cannot change yourself by altering the mirror you are looking into…you must change first, and then the reflection will change.

People you interact with reflect back and help you get to know yourself better. I have been surprised time…

Michael Blizman

Awakening since 2016. Applying technology since I could read. Self-published first book:

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