The human need to belong [to a team or political group for example] is hard-wired into us and requires self-awareness to recognize…otherwise we outsource our independent thought and views to those of our team. This is true both on the left and the right side of the aisle.

Coupled with this need to belong is the need for “our team to win” which is being reinforced constantly in our media. These 2 factors are being used to divide and control all of us. For example, if you do not agree with the talking points on “the left”, you will be…

The cognitive triangle represents how these in generate and reinforce each other by pattern

Originally published in Midlfe-Awakening.

The Page Turns and Emotions Suck

Emotions don’t actually suck, but they can feel good and can feel bad. Feelings are helpful in a few ways. First, emotions such as anger or frustration can fuel us to focus our energy and effort on something specific that we want to change and help us get more dramatic results. Second, emotions indicate if we are on track or not.

A positive emotion indicates when we are set up favorably to win at something we are focusing on. Feeling good means that you have a desire for something, and you believe you can do it…

Once you self-publish a book on Amazon, you can offer a free book promotion of the Kindle edition. By default, it seems we are allowed 5 such days of free Kindle promotions for a book. The screen is pretty straight forward, and here is a screenshot of part of the screen I used to set my upcoming promotion on Monday, July 13.

You always have at least one choice in any situation you find yourself in, and that is: How will you respond to it?

How you respond will depend on which of these beliefs you hold:

1) Do you believe you are a helpless victim of fate, or

2) Do you respond to your life situation and alter the direction, outcome by choosing what actions you will take and how you will interpret the situation?

If you believe in pure fate, I sincerely wish you the best, and that you will take comfort that the thing you wanted but do not…

  • An excerpt from my book, Midlife Awakening.
  • During this time, understanding our thoughts and how to manage them might save people from excessive anxiety, and even family problems while in close quarters.

You control your thoughts

If you are dealing with a loss or very stressful situation, the only thing you can absolutely control is what you think about that thing. Nobody else can control your thoughts. Your thoughts create how you feel.

If you lost a job, you can either continue thinking about “…what those bastards did to you…” and try finding a new job while you are still feeling like a victim…

Excerpt from “Midlife Awakening

It is imperative that we get to know and accept ourselves. This is necessary in order to have a full and satisfying life, and the sooner you do this, the better it is for everyone. As we shove down parts of our personalities that we do not like or are not comfortable with, those parts gain some more power over us, as we keep hiding them from others, justifying them, and trying to pretend they are not there. Carl Jung called these less desirable parts, our “shadow”. These shadow parts of you are real and will…

There are swaths of self-improvement and personal productivity materials which are created with the pure intention of motivating us to end our habit of procrastination and encouraging us to build habits which lead to focus, flow, and amazing productivity. The snooze button on our alarm clocks is one of the modern devices that has been identified as a never-ending source of evidence of our lack of discipline, laziness, and inability to manage our lives.

I too have sung this tune, criticizing the snooze button in all its forms, citing evidence that it never adds to our restful sleep, and merely…

New and emerging leadership perspectives will be some of the most disruptive technologies to affect our economy over the next 5–20 years.

Every so often, an industry or entire markets are disrupted by a new technology, or any new way of doing things. Some new thing will strongly affect how business will be done in 3–5 years, and first adopters will have a huge advantage. …

Your entire life is a reflection of how you think. You cannot change yourself by altering the mirror you are looking into…you must change first, and then the reflection will change.

People you interact with reflect back and help you get to know yourself better. I have been surprised time after time how differently people I have known for years will act around or towards me, depending on how I am feeling and being. I have been in negative spiral situations with my relationships when I was habitually discontented, blaming and judging, and almost overnight had those same relationships become…

I learned this one the hard way. With the right focus and mindset, almost anything is possible, and with the wrong focus and mindset, everything is harder than it has to be.

A few years ago,I had been approaching the problem of paying down debt from a perspective of what was lacking and “I need to fix this”. I was focused on removing the anchor, rather than sailing to paradise. I did not want my family to lower our lifestyle because I let our finances get out of control. …

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